[vserver] vdu during start of guests

From: Andre Timmermann <vserver.lists_at_darktim.de>
Date: Mon 23 Jun 2008 - 16:49:11 BST
Message-Id: <1214236151.27729.39.camel@pcandre.nine.ch>

Hello list,

after enabling disklimits, I noticed that starting a guest will enforce
the usage of vdu - this will significantly slow down the start of the
vservers and will even prevent the start, if the guest is over limits.

I did not find a way to configure this behaviour. I would like to skip
the vdu, as this can be handled later (for example, when you try to
enforce such limits on existing customers :)

On some machines the vdu will take up to 90 minutes, which can be very
anoying, if it fails.

I can see one (dirty) workaround:

1. remove /etc/vservers/<name>/dlimits
2. start vserver
3. renew /etc/vservers/<name>/dlimits
4. use vlimit to enable the limit

It would be easier to have a config-option to disable vdu at
vserverstart. Any hints?

Received on Mon Jun 23 16:49:43 2008

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