Re: [vserver] compatibility issues?

From: <>
Date: Mon 26 May 2008 - 18:45:14 BST
Message-ID: <>

Hi chuck

I couldn't reply you for all the question but I'am using a hand patched (not gentoo) on a production server since 43 days and I haven't any problem with it. My old vservers are all working correctly without mmodifications since my host sshd is not listening on interface and the new vserver with true is working fine too.

If gentoo has not unmasked it that is because they don't have suffisant return of users about it.


Chuck has wrote :
> we finally have a need for a true inside a vserver :(
> we are presently running 2.6.20-vs2.2.0-gentoo on this amd64 host with 100+
> virtual servers running.
> according to what i have been reading in this list, i have to upgrade to
> the 'gentoo unstable' or .34 versions to enable true localhost. is
> there any workaround using our existing installation? this particular vserver
> cannot use a remapped localhost to the primary ip. it must be a private
> 1. would this upgrade be compatible with existing vservers? i do not wish to
> update every one of them.
> 2. i am not very happy about putting unstable code on a production machine. is
> this code ready for production yet? if so why has gentoo not unmasked it?
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