[vserver] compatibility issues?

From: Chuck <chuck_at_sbbsnet.net>
Date: Mon 26 May 2008 - 17:09:53 BST
Message-Id: <200805261209.53844.chuck@sbbsnet.net>

we finally have a need for a true inside a vserver :(

we are presently running 2.6.20-vs2.2.0-gentoo on this amd64 host with 100+
virtual servers running.

according to what i have been reading in this list, i have to upgrade to
the 'gentoo unstable' or .34 versions to enable true localhost. is
there any workaround using our existing installation? this particular vserver
cannot use a remapped localhost to the primary ip. it must be a private

1. would this upgrade be compatible with existing vservers? i do not wish to
update every one of them.

2. i am not very happy about putting unstable code on a production machine. is
this code ready for production yet? if so why has gentoo not unmasked it?

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