Re: [vserver] Vserver kernel support (Was: Re: [vserver] cannot add new server by vserver build)

From: Roderick A. Anderson <>
Date: Fri 16 May 2008 - 18:24:27 BST
Message-ID: <>

Peter Mann wrote:
> On Fri, May 16, 2008 at 06:16:09PM +0200, tobias wrote:
>> vserver install is now fine on debian. On Ubuntu 8.04 I cannot find a
>> matching kernel.
> ubuntu doesn't have vserver enabled kernel ...
> debian testing/unstable doesn't have vserver enabled kernel because of missing
> vserver patch for 2.6.24/2.6.25 (in Debian exists only older 2.6.22 kernel packages)
> (i found only testing patch
> ... only Debian Etch (stable) has support for vserver with kernel 2.6.18
> which distribution has full support for vserver ??? how can I use some

No distribution I'm aware of since Linux-Vserver is not part of the main
line kernel source. (Is that the correct phrase?)

That said, I'm really happy with CentOS 5 and Daniel's YUM repository.
Not sure if it includes RHEL, Whitebox, and the other Redhat derivatives
but CentOS is the route I've been following for the last year or so for
servers of all flavors -- standalone systems and vservers.

Of course you could always roll your own kernel. Then use whatever
distribution you want (or at least is supported) in the guests. Been
there, done that, own many tee-shirts. CentOS is easier.


> recent kernel with vserver? who can support some "long time supported"
> vserver kernel if newer kernels are not supported? this is important on
> production systems, where we need kernel updates
> i'm thinking about FreeBSD and jail for migrating, but it's only my
> small thought, because linux-vserver is great ;-))
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