Re: [vserver] Assigning whole CPUs to contexts

From: Jiri Denemark <>
Date: Wed 23 Apr 2008 - 17:40:13 BST
Message-ID: <20080423164013.GB30904@elg.home>

> If this is what you want, using the scheduler parameters is just
> unnecessary overhead. Setup cpusets instead, e.g.:
> echo 0 > /etc/vservers/<guest0>/cpuset/cpus
> echo 0 > /etc/vservers/<guest0>/cpuset/mems
> echo cpu0 > /etc/vservers/<guest0>/cpuset/name

Well, that might help, but is it possible to change it in runtime? To change
number of CPUs assigned to each context? And how scheduler interacts with
cpusets, are parameters still global or only related to the particular cpuset?


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