Re: [vserver] new kernels include scheduler and memory limitation

From: ADNET Ghislain <>
Date: Mon 21 Apr 2008 - 08:56:21 BST
Message-ID: <>

> Both. It's better long-term to have things in the mainline kernel, as
> porting to newer kernels won't be as big of a task. Short-term it's a
> pain, as porting to the kernels that add this kind of feature is a lot of
> work since all the previous testing is now irrelevant, and needs to be
> redone. It also requires hooking in to new subsystems, which is always
> problematic.
yes that is what i was thinking. All the vserver's hook to limit the
system have to be redone as the kernel in this specific part shows a lot
of changes lately.
> It should also be noted that the group scheduling present in the mainline
> kernel is not able to limit anything. It just schedules fairly between the
> groups.
ok thanks, made quite a challenge for you but this can add interesting
new features :)


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