[Vserver] An efficient solution to monitor disk space, swap and memory of vservers with Nagios

From: Guillaume Pratte <guillaume.pratte_at_revolutionlinux.com>
Date: Wed 03 Jan 2007 - 20:24:58 GMT
Message-id: <459C111A.8070708@revolutionlinux.com>


If you use Nagios to monitor your vservers, you might be tired of always
having to change Nagios' configuration each time you add a new LVM for
vserver. Or maybe you just want something simple to configure that
monitors ALL mount point without having to configure the alert thresold
for each.

If this is the case, I developped a plugin that will interest you! With
the release of vsmon-0.5, which include many improvements (see
comes a new Nagios plugin to automatically monitor all mount points of
the host plus the memory and the swap, using the vsmon backend. vsmon is
licensed under the GPL.

Details about this new plugin are available here :

I am using the plugin with dozens of hosts at Révolution Linux, even via
VPN connections to clients. You can also use the plugin/backend
combination on hosts that don't have the Linux-VServers tools installed.

vsmon-0.5's frontend also includes a new search field that allows for
live query to search for the location of a particular vserver in the park.

Hoping this mail was not too much off-topic :-) For more informations,
see this URL : http://vsmon.revolutionlinux.com


Guillaume Pratte
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