[Vserver] Re: Quotas on LVM inside Vserver, once again

From: Nicolas Costes <nicolas.costes_at_iut-laroche.univ-nantes.fr>
Date: Wed 03 Jan 2007 - 16:43:36 GMT
Message-Id: <200701031743.41358.nicolas.costes@iut-laroche.univ-nantes.fr>

Le dimanche 24 décembre 2006 19:41, Herbert Poetzl a écrit :

Hello, all, and happy GNU year ;-) !

> well, I think it would require some dedication, but
> I also think that the demand is not really there ATM
> a few weeks ago, somebody started to test context quota
> and AFAIK, the entire testing was put on hold again ...

Ahem, seems like I know who it is /o\.
(If we are talking about user/group quotas in this thread)

> so unless somebody (or even better, a bunch of folks)
> starts to do serious testing there, I'm still inclined
> to removing the entire context quota stuff from the
> kernel patches ...

I've got a Dual-code Opteron that can be dedicated to this at work (It
won't go to production now), as well as my home computer (but it _is_ in
production ;-)).

I've got at least 4 samba vservers that need and use user quotas, so this
feature is welcome... I always use XFS filesystems, but can do tests with
other FS.

Well, I'd be glad to help the project by testing this feature, but really
cannot contribute code. And I must admit that eventually my work load
will prevent me to be always very reactive.

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