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From: Guillaume Pratte <guillaume_at_revolutionlinux.com>
Date: Wed 27 Sep 2006 - 03:38:42 BST
Message-Id: <200609262238.42969.guillaume@revolutionlinux.com>


I would like to have the opinion of the mailing list about a tool I just
released called 'Virtual server monitor' or 'vsmon' for short :


It is a web-based interface with the primary feature to list all vservers
running on all hosts visible by the interface. It also displays some basic
statistics such as uptime, memory usage, number of process, etc. Basically,
it is a distributed vserver-stat on steroids :-)

It was developed to answer the question "Where the heck is that vserver
running?", and thus offer a web page where it is possible to use the find
dialog of the web browser to trace back on which host a particular vserver
guest is running.

It is developped entirely using Python. The web frontend uses Django [1], one
of the best Python-based web framework currently available. Communication
between the backend and the frontend is assured by Pyro [2].

[1] http://www.django-project.com/
[2] http://pyro.sf.net/

I am aware of the existance of OpenVCP, but I chose to write my own
application, one reason being that I wanted to develop using Python all the
way and not C and PHP.

For now, the only easy way to install vsmon is by running Mandriva 2006, but I
hope to support Debian also in the future. Installing by source is possible,
but not easy. However, I will provide support to people posting on the vsmon
mailing list (https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/vsmon-users).

Feedback is appreciated :-)


Guillaume Pratte
Software engineer
Revolution Linux

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