[Vserver] Automagic login into a guest

From: Vincent Besse <vincent_at_ouhena.org>
Date: Sun 24 Sep 2006 - 09:52:25 BST
Message-ID: <20060924105225.72d96450@clane.ouhena.intra>


First, let me say I'm a newbie in Vserver and not (yet?) a Linux guru.

I try to make secured and private FreeNX servers for some users hosted
on the same machine. I've played around with chroot and unionfs but
since I've discovered Vserver, my life has changed :)

The only thing missing for me is a way to automatically log users in
their right vserver. It could be having a SSH server in each guest
listening on different ports, but it means every user have to know his
own port and every vserver must be running all the time. I'd prefer
having only one SSH server on the host, listening on standard port, and
something launching the appropriate vserver after successfull
authentication of users, a bit like does the pam-chroot module

Does such a tool already exists or is planned?
Is writing a 'pam-vserver' module a good thing?
Could someone drive me, at least for beginning, to write my tool. I'm
running Debian Etch and there's no '*vserver-dev' package. I'm a bit
confused with which includes are needed and where to find them.

English is not my native language, so I hope I've been clear enough...

Thanks for any advice, link, suggestion...

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