[Vserver] Scheduling

From: Matt Anger (manger) <manger_at_cisco.com>
Date: Thu 21 Sep 2006 - 18:08:26 BST
Message-ID: <343A23D683F39E48819B6B6B2814F8094DD0AA@xmb-sjc-22e.amer.cisco.com>

Following the vsched explained page I am trying to setup a case to
adjust the priorities of my vservers.
EX: 4 vservers at contexts
I want the distribution of CPU time to be 40,20,20,20
So I use vsched and do
vsched --xid 49186 --filrate 2 --interval 5
vsched --xid 49187 --filrate 1 --interval 5
vsched --xid 49188 --filrate 1 --interval 5
vsched --xid 49189 --filrate 1 --interval 5
Then I start a CPU intensive process (simple C program that measures how
long it took a computer to do a large loop of arithmetic, usually takes
about 100s on the P3 800 I am doing tests) in all 4 vservers.
Unfortunately it still schedules them fair-share according to vtop and
according to the program itself (All programs report 400 s for
completion). I also tried playing with tokens, tokens-min, tokens-max,
but no matter what I did it still scheduled them fair share. Am I doing
something wrong?
util-vs 0.30.210

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