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From: Chuck <>
Date: Thu 14 Sep 2006 - 17:44:30 BST
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On Thursday 14 September 2006 12:18, Bruno wrote:

oh .. to complete the explanation on our systems a guest would never address
more than a single /24 but with the limitation that has to be divided among a
gazillion guests instead..

> On Thursday 14 September 2006 16:27, Chuck wrote:
> > someone mentioned the possibility of getting a setup on current vserver
> > code that would take a /24 network and not have much if any slowdown.. has
> > this ever been realized?
> I did some coding in that direction, but patch is not finished yet.
> I will get some more time after next week do continue coding on it.
> My direction is assigning address elements to guests, either single
> or groups of addresses as range or mask. When there is more than a single
> such item, on additional is created that itentifies the complete range
> contaning the addresses of a guest.
> Thus two guests with 20 IPs spread over two different /24 networks wil be
> as a single range for most check wether IP is part of the guest's
> address-space. Only on match of that outer boundary checking of the
> addresses or the guest is done.
> Mostly missing is the handling of broadcast...
> Bruno
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