[Vserver] interpretation of igneg_nice (Mailscanner not starting up)

From: Thorsten BŁker <mailinglists_at_bueker.net>
Date: Fri 11 Aug 2006 - 09:22:24 BST
Message-ID: <44DC3E40.1090801@bueker.net>

Dear all,

The daemon mailscanner (http://www.mailscanner.info/) is not starting up
during the boot process of a vserver using the original script inside
vserver's /etc/init.d/, linked from /etc/rc2.d for sure ;-)

Changing the relevant lines from

/usr/bin/nice -$run_nice start-stop-daemon --start --quiet \

   --exec $DAEMON >/dev/null 2>&1


start-stop-daemon --start --quiet --nicelevel $run_nice \
   --exec $DAEMON >/dev/null 2>&1

at least fixes the problem during the startup of the vserver. But as
Mailscanner uses to restart itself periodically, it stops running at
this moment.

I don't prefer to fix all calls as shown above to stay compatible with
future updates. Google led me to these pages:

   -> http://www.tgunkel.de/it/software/doc/linux_server
   -> http://linux-vserver.org/linux-vserver_administrators_guide
   -> http://linux-vserver.org/Caps+and+Flags

I tried the line "IGNEG_NICE" in /etc/vservers/mail/flags as well as the
line "CAP_SYS_NICE" in /etc/vserver/mail/bcapabilities. But both options
didn't lead to success, yet. Has anybody an idea? Btw, we are talking

kind regards, thanks in advance,
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