[Vserver] How to use the idle-time feature in the new devel-branch scheduler?

From: EKC <webmaster_at_generalsynthesis.com>
Date: Thu 10 Aug 2006 - 01:03:57 BST
Message-ID: <355a4e960608091703pf3c8dcicf0e7f226ff8aeb2@mail.gmail.com>


I am trying to figure out how to use the idle time feature in the
devel branch and the vsched-0.02 tool.

What I want to do is have P guests each use 1/P of host CPU time and
to dynamically adjust to use 1/(P+Y) of CPU time when Y new guests are
started. When guests are stopped, I want hard_sched to adjust
accordingly for the remaining guests.

I am using hard_sched now and I have to re-run vsched for every guest
every time that I start a new guest. I understand (thank you Bertl for
enlightening me on IRC) that the idle-time feature in the devel branch
will take care of this for me.

What's a simple example of how to use vsched0.02
(http://vserver.13thfloor.at/Experimental/TOOLS/vsched-0.02.tar.bz) to
have P guests dynamically adjust to use 1/P of cpu time? Is the new
vsched the best tool for this job?

What would I need to do differently if I have more than 1 CPU?

Thanks a lot!

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