[Vserver] Linux Containers : next steps

From: Cedric Le Goater <clg_at_fr.ibm.com>
Date: Wed 26 Jul 2006 - 17:46:38 BST
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Here's a brief summary of what i've gathered at ksummit/ols. Follows
some thoughts on possible next steps.

Globally, there's a quite a good feeling from the community. They like
the idea and are ready to help to get things in mainline. The code
touches the core kernel and it will need a lot of reviews before it is
accepted but, most of all, we need to agree on it.

The first steps are cleanups on the mainline kernel. Following are
patchsets that should provide small enough features to be reviewed on
lkml. Andrew said he would merged them in -mm if there is agreement like he
did before. I think he is going to push what is already in -mm (ipc,
utsname) in mainline. he expects us to port our projects or products on top
of these patchsets or say what is wrong with them, why they fail to meet
the requirements.

However, i've also heard many times that we should agree before
flooding lkml. So I guess we should use the vserver, openvz, lxc-devel
mailing-list (eric please subscribe to one) before sending our
agreement or disagreement on lkml.


Here are some notes from Ksummit/OLS :

* what is a container

        - containers vs. namespace

          namespaces are interesting objects but they are heavily
          correlated. so we need a container object to aggregate them.

        - hierarchical containers

          not much to say. not useful I would say

        - explicit container

          It was stated that containers don't have to support
          unmodified distros, which means that we can have
          restrictions and fix them later.

        - user api

          enter is the minimal api

* filesystems

        - r/o bind mounts

          being worked on by dave. hch will help.

        - /proc and /sys isolation/virtualization

          we should be able to mount different /proc in
          containers. hch said he add ideas on the topic and would
          help. /proc does not need to be complete in the first steps
          and unsupported file could be empty, which is also a way to
          clean up /proc

        - shared subtree done

          in 2.6.15

        - shared mounts

          patches exist

        - union fs

          patches also exist but there is resistance from the

* namespaces

        namespaces are fine if they are part of a container. this
        concept is to new to be carved in linux without some
        experiments. i'm convinced that eric will make sure that we
        don't take bad shortcuts on our way to namespace perfection :)

        fast status on current work :

        - utsname : is in -mm

        - ipc : is in -mm

        - user is still in discussion

          I think the last fixes I have done fit with openvz and
          vserver in a container environment. I will resend. Then we
          can extend to vfsmount, etc, but this is huge.

        - pid is the in attic

          if we fix pid(1) it should be usable.

* network

         we either try to have a fully virtualized interface in a
         container (VM approach) or we put some restrictions in place
         and follow the solaris zones approach. In fact i don't think
         we need to make a choice. both ideas are useful but may be the
         second one will be faster to push. I think Kirill had a 3rd ?

        Kirill and Daniel agreed on making a first approach with route
        namespace, TCP socket tagging + iptables for incoming traffic
        in order to choose the right namespace. That will bring level
        3 isolation. Eric agreed but he will want to have several
        implementations to order to study the performance/isolation

        Jamal proposed first to ask on netdev and compile the
        advantages and drawbacks of the layer 2 - 3 approaches in a
        white paper.

        Daniel is collecting information on the different approaches of
        the existing solutions (openvz, vserver, mcr, xen, bsd jails,
        ...). That will be a the information base for netdev.

        it needs to be addressed by the network guys !!

* resource management

        this would be the first real use of a basic container.

        The people at the BOF said to keep it simple and stupid. Start
        with a process aggregation mechanism (containers) and build on
        top a resource management system for each linux subsytem.

        Very good feedbacks on the UBC framework of OpenVZ but it will
        need to be splitted.

Here's what I think we should work on to move forward :

* first : have minimal container

        this is really important. without that concept in place we
        won't be able to port our products or projects and this is why
        we are working for mainline.

        - fix and merge existing namespaces in a container
        - fix previous pid namespace and merge with container
        - user API : find a clean way to create, destroy, enter a

* and next : have a useful mininal container

        resource management should be split to use previous
        framework. not my job, i'm a newby.

* to be sorted out fast :

        container freeze

* long term :

        container c/r

comments ?



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