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From: Rik Bobbaers <Rik.Bobbaers_at_cc.kuleuven.be>
Date: Wed 26 Jul 2006 - 17:36:44 BST
Message-ID: <44C79A1C.7020807@cc.kuleuven.be>

hey all,

since there is no more support for 2.6.16 from grsecurity and vserver, i
now made a patch for (yesyes, the latest... certainly not the
greatest (all hail 2.0.40! ;))

(and my config:
http://ludit.kuleuven.be/software/vserver/config- )

what's new?:

- the prctl local root bugfix and many many others!!! (will there ever
be a "good" kernel again??)
- check the diffs/changelog! ;)

- upgrade to 2.0.2-rc26
- removed the naming of vs<bleh> in Makefile, and moved it to
localversion-vserver (as is "the new standard")
- changed the define of ET_DYN_something to the original (as pax people
- changed the order of arguments in a function (can't remember the name,
sry) to match with what grsecurity does (add custom arguments after the
standard ones... i just like it better like that :))

- new version of the 2.1.9 (allmost release time according to spender)
- minor bugfix that removes a compiler warning
- adjustments so that it works with vserver (2 includes in some grsec code)
- bugfix when you don't use PAGEEXEC or SEGMEXEC (tnx tgk and pipacs!)

that's about it... it should work without any problems (it does so on a
production server here)

have fun with it all!!!

aka Rik Bobbaers
K.U.Leuven - LUDIT          -=- Tel: +32 485 52 71 50
Rik.Bobbaers_at_cc.kuleuven.be -=- http://harry.ulyssis.org
"Work hard and do your best, it'll make it easier for the rest"
-- Garfield
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