[Vserver] Problem using vcopy and vyum

From: Thomas Frenken <frenken_at_informatik.fh-wiesbaden.de>
Date: Tue 25 Jul 2006 - 17:23:23 BST
Message-Id: <1153844603.2462.17.camel@pc309a-4.intern.mi.fh-wiesbaden.de>

Hi all,

I recently was priviliged to work with vserver the first time and I can
only say "great" - really easy to use and simply a joy to work with (and
along the way very usefull too ;-).

I was able to set up the necessary environment, to create some guest
with some additional packages beeing installed via vyum, but one awkward
problem is left which I really need to be solved. As I mentioned I can
use vyum after I created a guest using "vserver ... build ... -m yum ...
-d fc5" - all additional packages installed without any problems.

If I now use vcopy to clone a guest, the guest itself (after changing
ip-adress etc.) works fine (it can be started and entered) but vyum
doenst work anymore on those cloned guests (but still works on the
original guest). As far as I can see vyum is the absolutely only thinkg
that doesn't work on cloned guests. The error message I get is:

# vyum clone -- install less
Can not find file for 'RPMSTATEDIR'; aborting

I am using yum 2.6.1, util-vserver (-core etc.) 0.30.210 on fc5
(2.6.17-1.2157_FC5.vs2.0.2.0.rc26.1smp), all guests are fc5 too (created
according to http://linux-vserver.org/VServer+installation+Fedora+Core

Any ideas on this, what could be the problem, are there any other steps
to perform to clone a guest but using vcopy and changing the individual
configuration of the clone?

Thanks in advance!


Thomas Frenken

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