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From: Clément Calmels <clement.calmels_at_fr.ibm.com>
Date: Tue 04 Jul 2006 - 14:02:54 BST
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Sorry, I just forgot one part of your email... (and sorry for the mail
spamming, I probably got too big fingers or too tiny keyboard)

> 1.2 Can you tell how you run the tests. I am particularly interested in
> - how many iterations do you do?
> - what result do you choose from those iterations?
> - how reproducible are the results?
> - are you rebooting the box between the iterations?
> - are you reformatting the partition used for filesystem testing?
> - what settings are you using (such as kernel vm params)?
> - did you stop cron daemons before running the test?
> - are you using the same test binaries across all the participants?
> - etc. etc...

A basic 'patch' test looks like:
o build the appropriate kernel (2.6.16-026test014-x86_64-smp for
o reboot
o run dbench on /tmp with 8 processes
o run tbench with 8 processes
o run lmbench
o run kernbench

For test inside a 'guest' I just do something like:
o build the appropriate kernel (2.6.16-026test014-x86_64-smp for
o reboot
o build the utilities (vztcl+vzquota for example)
o reboot
o launch a guest
o run in the guest dbench ...
o run in the guest tbench ...

-The results are the average value of several iterations of each set of
these kind of tests. I will try to update the site with the numbers of
iterations behind each values.
- For the filesystem testing, the partition is not reformatted. I can
change this behaviour...
- For the settings of the guest I tried to use the default settings (I
had to change some openvz guest settings) just following the HOWTO on
vserver or openvz site.
For the kernel parameters, did you mean kernel config file tweaking?
- Cron are stopped during tests.
- All binaries are always build in the test node.

Feel free to provide me different scenario which you think are more

Clément Calmels <clement.calmels@fr.ibm.com>
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