Re: [Solved] Re: [Vserver] No /dev/stdin on vserver? (How) can I create new devices?

From: Robert Michel <>
Date: Sun 02 Jul 2006 - 21:27:48 BST
Message-ID: <>

Salve Herbert!

Herbert Poetzl schrieb am Sonntag, den 02. Juli 2006 um 17:59h:
> > What should I read to learn what fd,pts stands for and
> > to know what /dev/pts/[14|20|21|31-34] are?
> *phew* good question, probably a lot of source code :)

maybe a good questions, but *shame on me* that I found
after sending my mail to the vserver ML :)

This is much what I can read/learn and there is also
a *paper* to watch:
As I saw it this afternoon and saw the name Pötzel,
Pötzel... I know this guy, that was the nice guy
on this mailinglist who cared about my problem with
> 5 mintues wrong going hosttime....
  Not go on with discussion, short update:
  That thread stated on 19. Mai 2006 um 13:08h:
  Subject My ISP unable to use ntp ;(

  BTW, faktime is runnig fine, the offset is now 539s ;(
  I modificated libfaktime and compiled it myself
  wrote /usr/local/lib/ into
  /etc/ and run every hour a skript
  who messure the offset and write it into
  Once I knockt out myself by cp to the file libfaketime
  which was in used - I had to ask my ISP to delete
  But the time of filemaipulations (written...)
  are not influenced by this preload....
  So it is a 100% perfect solution...,
  but it works, even with asterisk

  Next time I will write a short howto about

So back to your video - thank you for your effort
for vserver linux - I saw it and I was wondering before
if vserver is just a jail or more .... ;)
> thing is, fd and pts (/14,/20 ...) are 'just' names
> used for character and block device nodes, identified
> by the unique major and minor identifiers ...
> so, basically c:136:14 means the 14th pseudo terminal
> (regardless of the name, could as well be named hansi)

OK, I should have run a vserver on my laptop to know
more when I rent a vserver at ISP.

BTW - Is there any skript which tells all I should/could
know about my vserver?

> > pts = pseudo tts?
> > I think
> >
> > should be good. But is there any goot tutorial for vserver,
> > that explains restriction by vserver?
> Linux-VServer heavily utilizes the linux capability
> system, so those capabilities (or the lack of them)
> basically defines your restrictions

So users who rent a vserver should ask more before
they decide to choose one offer - e.g. which modules,
which filesystems are supported. I fear I will miss
loopback/encrypted/ssh filesystems...
And at this very low prices for this vserver 3 Euro/month
I can't expect that the provider likes to be asked to
add something.

But this very low price is a dream - you can't run
your own PC 24/24h for this - the power would be
more expensive - own mailserver, asterisk, ssh,
ssh2 via javaclient also in my bibliothek where
is only a webclient, mutt ..... ;)
This came possible with all the people who work
on vserver :)
man bash, opening mailfiles, searching... that all
is on my vserver via ssh is several time
faster than on my PIII 600Mhz Laptop ;)

BTW I don't know if there is a tool, that combines
ttyrec with an audiorecording (e.g. ogg) with that
would be possible to make very small tutorials
- don't get me wrong, I don't ask you to do more
I'm just thinking about what would help that more
people get the knowledge to use vserver ;)

But there is already a lot to read/learn :)

> take a look at the following urls for more details:
Thank you for your patience.

> > Ok, but can you confirm that I'm able as root@guest to remove e.g.
> > /dev/tty without the chance/right to restore them with an backup?
> yes, but your provider could 'protect' you from
> harm here, by making them immutable, but then you
> still could remove all your binaries and libraries
> without a chance of restoring them (except for a
> backup :)

Ah, yes, I know the power of rm -rf *. (But for me it was harmless)

No I was asking for devices on vservers - when I rm /dev/tty
I can't help me with a backup myself - right?

Sounds this protection is optional - not every provider is so kind.
Is there any good reason to allow a guest to remove devices?
When not, the tools for provider should have "kindness" as
default and not opt-in ;)

But I still don't got the point why it should be a security risc,
when root@guest can create a textterminal himself - give me some
time to read the documentations, to learn and understand :)

Grüße aus Aachen,

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