Re: [Vserver] v_sshd wrapper script and freenx remote access app

From: Herbert Poetzl <>
Date: Sun 02 Jul 2006 - 16:38:34 BST
Message-ID: <>

On Fri, Jun 30, 2006 at 08:50:49PM -0400, Paul S. Gumerman wrote:
> Sorry about the previous thread hijacks --- I didn't realize what the
> list server was using to do the threading.
> I have been working on getting the freenx remote X access aplication
> working on a vserver host machine.
> When using the v_sshd wrapper, it fails, fairly late in the process of a
> login.

yes, that is kind of expected, the v_sshd wrapper should
probably have been removed a long time ago IMHO, but you
know "enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot", so we
left it as is ...

> If I do not use the wrapper, and start sshd from the standard initscript
> with the following lines in sshd_config, it works fine.
> ListenAddress
> ListenAddress
> It appears that the v_sshd wrapper does not allow sshd to listen to the
> loopback address, but only the interface's primary IP addresses, and
> that is causing the problem with freenx.

the problem here is that using ssh (via the sshd wrapper)
already puts you in a network namespace, which basically
makes it impossible to manage network namespaces in a
sensible way ... we might (in the future) declare special
admin spaces/capabilities which will remove that 'issue'

> Is there some reason that this limitation is necessary?

yes, you basically cannot have a restriction to ssh, but
none to the spawned children, as this would circumvent
the network isolation

> If not, can it be fixed?

not with the current concept and certainly not with a big
change in semantics, but the good news is, the ssh (or
maybe telnet/rlogin/etc) service is the 'only' one which
does require this 'restriction' on the host, for all other
the v_* wrappers are fine, as they do not try to 'change'
the network namespace afterwards ...


> Best regards,
> Paul
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