[Vserver] Hashification process ( not working? )

From: Roderick A. Anderson <raanders_at_acm.org>
Date: Wed 24 May 2006 - 23:19:33 BST
Message-ID: <4474DBF5.1000106@acm.org>

Despite following the instructions found at


for vhashify I am getting error messages.

Two vserver guests; test and site; ( with a few different packages and
some modified files )

I have:

    mkdir -p /etc/vservers/.defaults/apps/vunify/hash

    mkdir -p /var/vservers/.hash

    ln -s /var/vservers/.hash /etc/vservers/.defaults/apps/vunify/hash/0

    mkdir -p /etc/vservers/site/apps/vunify
    mkdir -p /etc/vservers/test/apps/vunify

    vserver site hashify

and then get this message.

    error: db4 error(13) from dbenv->open: Permission denied
    error: cannot open Packages index using db3 - Permission denied (13)
    error: cannot open Packages database in /var/vservers/site/.rpmdb

What did I miss? ( This setup is based on the FC5 install instructions
and I've added several packages using vyum. ) Any other references on
the web site or wiki to using vhashify that I missed?


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