Re: [Vserver] My ISP unable to use ntp ; ( - How can I change /etc/localtime with ntp?

From: Herbert Poetzl <>
Date: Sat 20 May 2006 - 15:40:55 BST
Message-ID: <>

On Fri, May 19, 2006 at 01:08:17PM +0200, Robert Michel wrote:
> Salve,
> on of my vserver is hosted by and this ISP is unable
> to use ntp.... tzzz
> The timeshift is now > 5 minutes....
> Could I change /etc/localtime with ntp to correct the time myself?
> How?
> On the longterm, it would be nice to have a better timesolution
> for vservers - the vserver should be able to use ntp and the
> host server should be like the Bios clock - only serving
> first information at boottime and serving the beat of seconds...

well, that might sound appealing at the first glance,
but trust me, that's nothing you really want, for
several reasons:

 - the time system inside the kernel is fairly complex,
   to virtualize it per guest would add significant
   overhead just for doing time keeping

 - there is no point in having 'more' than one time
   base in a single kernel, once it is correct, the
   entire system will have precise time

> It should be possibel to use the time independent form a
> manipulation of the ISP....

you can, just install a time deamon which is system
independant or add another layer of virtualization
if you do not care about the overhead

but IMHO, the real solution to your issues is to
kindly ask the ISP to start an ntpd on the host (or
on a special time guest) to synchronize that


> Greetings,
> rob
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