Re: [Vserver] vserver build docs, and vserver docs in general

From: ADNET Ghislain <>
Date: Wed 17 May 2006 - 19:56:00 BST
Message-ID: <>

Hi Herbert,

  Thanks for the answer, i was starting to despair seing no one talking
on the list.

  You know what, i tried man vserver, and i got nothing in it, it does
not even say "there is an help option".

  So i "google is my brain"ed and found nothing satisfying. What i will
do is try to gather this doc as i would like to see it. I will try to
make my boss let me work on it and on my personnal spare time as i use
the time vserver save me for configuring stuff.

  As i am really not a vserver Guru i will need to ask question here on
the list or perhaps to you directly. Then i will try to make this doc
and give it to you for review. If this is good then we can put it on the
FAQ/DOC page. I do not have any ETA but i will do my best.

Ghislain ADNET.

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