Re: [Vserver] vserver build docs, and vserver docs in general

From: Nikolay Kichukov <>
Date: Tue 16 May 2006 - 06:56:33 BST
Message-Id: <1147758994.3030.9.camel@ccja.localhost>

Hi all,
I would totally agree with ADNET.

Full documentation is badly needed for that project.

I am sure, that a technical writer can be involved to follow up with
software updates and kernel patches and thus upgrade the documentation

Anyone may comment on that further? I consider that building complete
and thorough documentation at this stage is already a must. Many new
people are being attracted to the vserver project, and if it cannot
provide complete definitions for all it does, I consider that a pitfall.

However, I believe a documentation project will be started as soon as
the developers have some more free time on their hands.

Another possible idea is, developers to describe the changes in the new
versions and send them to the list, like what functionality has been
added, what new tools have been included/removed, etc, so someone can
modify already built documentation. But we will need complete
documentation on the first place to keep up with the updates later on.


On Sun, 2006-05-14 at 21:26 +0200, ADNET Ghislain wrote:
> Hi,
> I found a lot of place for constructing Vservers with vserver build.
> But i am a little confused as i do not find anything about what are the
> vserver build parameters and documentation.
> I have searched the wiki, googled and such without success. Anyone can
> give me a hand ?
> I do not know if this is me but to find a easy guide with all the
> options of the vserver and vserver utils would be a great help.
> Even the "great flower page" can be seen as a funny private joke but
> i certainly think that this "private joke" is quite repelling to any
> user trying to unsderstand this project (yes we can select the style
> page but really....). I think perhaps this is time to washify the docs
> to gets the core doc into one comprehensive document not linked to a
> particular user or distrib like all the "how-to" present on the site
> that are very helpfull but not enough "oficials" and all geared toward
> specific items like feudora or debian or ubuntu, nothing general, no
> practical exemple in a general presentation . All this is confusing no ?
> I think really a manual with:
> 1/ concept
> 2/ technical way this is done (general level)
> 3/ how to install a vserver kernel ( neutral "vanilla" most details,
> debian, feudora exemple )
> -- until here those allready exist so are just to be compiled
> together ----
> 4/ how to install util-veser ( neutral "vanilla" most details,
> debian, feudora exemple )
> 5/ how to build a vserver guest and the various options ( debian
> guest, ubuntu guest, feudora guest .... )
> 6/ How to configure and limit guest systems with a flower page without
> the private joke
> 7/ Practical exemples ( guest using the main eth0, guest NATED, guest
> quota, guest bandwidht limits, guest CPU limitation, guest load
> balancing, guest washification etc... )
> 8/ Where to find more, with links to the contribued how to and the wiki
> etc..., mailing list link
> 9/ contrib page, we welcome your help
> Will greatly help the project stand against other virtualisation
> technology, does it make sense to you or is it just me ?
> I think this manual can stay in vanilla/debian/feudora land and let
> contributed how-to complete the picture. Also the mix of 1.0 and 2.0
> FAQ/how-to is troubling me, is there any way to put 1.0 and 2.0 docs in
> two separate part ?

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