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From: Christian Knauber <vserver_at_knauber.name>
Date: Fri 12 May 2006 - 15:11:26 BST
Message-id: <37620.>

Hi everybody,

First of all, I wanted to say that I really like the Vserver project - so
a great thanks to all of the contributors...

>From the beginning I did have some troubles because there is no easy way
to have a real network loopback device per server. For now I do use a
really unsecure solution: just giving every server a distinct IP adress on
the loopback device (yes every server can connect to the others through
loopback but well this is a personnal server thing)

At some time I tried to test the NGNET stuff, but never got it working.
Then finally stopped searching...

Now I've noticed the following things
- NGNET stuff has been updated
- there some delta-lo0.0x.diff files at

Could anybody, give a small update regarding the status of these things?

Have a nice weekend,


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