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From: Rik/harry Bobbaers <Rik.Bobbaers_at_cc.kuleuven.be>
Date: Fri 28 Apr 2006 - 15:21:28 BST
Message-ID: <1146234088.445224e8529fe@webmail2.kuleuven.be>

hey all,

i know it's been a while... but!!!

we've got ourselves a new one... and as requested, with a stable vserver
patch. the grsec part is also pretty stable btw... talked to the
grsec/pax developers about it :)

so... have fun with it all... and please let me know if there are any


(ps. webserver might be down when you read this, but it will be up again
very soon (i hope ;))

aka Rik Bobbaers
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-- Garfield
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