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From: eyck <>
Date: Sun 23 Apr 2006 - 08:57:06 BST
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> > In spite of stiff opposition, and with loosing a lot of important
> > functionality in the process...
> hmm, what kind of functionality was lost, IYO?

 - ability to hot-add/hot-remove IPs from running guest
 - ability to enter running/non-running guest
 - ability to hot-mount directories into running guest
 - when entering guest this info used to be displayed:
    ipv4root is now
    New security context is 10005
   it's missing now
 - old vserver-build scripts created skeletons ready to be deployed, new
   method requires quite some time for vserver-enabling newly built
   skeletons... which is time-consuming, requires some knowledge and is
 - ability to look at single vserver configuration and understand what's
   going on ( similiar task requires running through directories, checking
   their contents, and extensive knowledge of CURRENT way the utils works.)
   I guess "find . -type f -ls -exec cat "{}" ';'" would be work-around
   for this miss-feature.
 - way of keeping heavily-commented template config for vserver. There is
   no easy way to comment current config.
 - generally new style trades ease of programming in primitive languages
   for sysadmin's time. Which is great for people writing utils, not so
   great for those forced to use them.
 - principle of least surprise was broken, for example in 'dev', 'nodev',
 I'm sure there's more, I'd be happy to hear that there are plans to fix

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