Re: [Vserver] great flower page

From: Dominique Chabord <>
Date: Sun 23 Apr 2006 - 11:29:51 BST
Message-Id: <>

hello everybody

Thank you for the excellent job you're all doing with vservers !

Le 23 avr. 06, à 11:44, Oliver Welter a écrit :

> Hi Folks,
>> I'm agree, I've prefered the old vserver style to configure with one
>> file per vserver like in freevps
>> Moreover most of Linux program use only one file to config ...
>> I don't see where is easier to maintain it ? ...

I am using Vservers daily ;-) but I create new ones once every three
months only. So I'm perpetually a newby there.
I can confirm that new style config is just beginner's nightmare. Time
to understand the great flower page is ten times what's needed to
create a vserver.
Wouldn't it be great if someone who knows proposes a script to
translate an old-style file to a new-style tree ? may be it already
exists ?
And sorry to be so stupid : how do you adapt the GFP css ? So far I
have to use lynx to read it ;-)

> It's much easier to deploy and modfiy the configuration on this basis
> when using automated scripts...I use vserver to implement some
> failover stuff and unfortunately the boxes differ sligthly - this way
> its much easier to sync only certain files, and ignore others. Besides
> it is easier to just put some own config stuff vor own scripts.
> So I prefer this style as it is easier to manage by scripts
I'm dealing with failover intensively too. In any case of failover
(automated or manual) I have to check that configuration is exactly
replicated and up-to-date on all nodes (usually four or five nodes),
else I disable failover. So I used to check versionning information
hard-coded in comments of all configuration files that matter, in
particular vserver config. I'm quite puzzled to do so with the new
style config.

Hope this helps

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