[Vserver] Having problems with dlimits on 0.30.210?

From: Kevin Pendleton <kevin_at_roundsphere.com>
Date: Wed 19 Apr 2006 - 00:00:21 BST
Message-ID: <44456F85.7020006@roundsphere.com>

So I am having problems getting the new dlimits option working with
util-vserver 0.30.210. First off, there appears to be some differences
between the great flower page configuration compared with this doc on
the linux-vserver.org site:


The difference being the addition of a subfolder under dlimits. Without
adding a 0 subfolder, all settings were completely ignored. Once the
proper files were inside of the 0 subfolder, the total settings were
applied but the usage settings were not correctly calculated.

I saw this error once, "vserver: vdlimit: vc_get_dlimit(): No such
process", but have not seen it again, even after deleting the cache
file. (also the cache file was never recreated after deleting it.)

Here's my settings (anyone spot my mistake?):


cat directory:

cat inodes_total

cat reserved:

cat space_total:

du -sh testing.com/
691M testing.com/

df -h (inside vserver):
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/hdv1 2.0G 40K 1.9G 1% /
none 150M 0 150M 0% /tmp

(before deleted)
cat /etc/vservers/testing.com/cache/dlimits/737_vservers_testing.com_:

If I use the following script on the context it works fine:

/usr/sbin/vdlimit --xid 737 --set space_total=2097152 --set
space_used=`du -s /vservers/testing.com/ | awk '{print $1}'` --set
inodes_total=2097152 --set inodes_used=`ls -1aRi /vservers/testing.com/
| awk '/^[0-9]+ / { print $1 }' | sort -u | wc -l` --set reserved=5

df -h (inside vserver):
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/hdv1 2.0G 691M 1.3G 36% /
none 150M 0 150M 0% /tmp


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