[Vserver] ubuntu dapper vserver problem

From: Philippe Clérié <pclerie_at_buh.ht>
Date: Tue 18 Apr 2006 - 15:19:32 BST
Message-ID: <e22shp$igj$1@sea.gmane.org>

I've installed linux-vserver on ubuntu dapper upgraded to the latest
packages, using the uni-klu.ac.at kernel image

During creation of a vserver, I get the following message:

The following problem(s) were encountered while verifying vshelper
* The vshelper state-directory '/var/run/vshelper' does not exist; since
it is created by 'make install', this indicates a serious problem with
your util-vserver installation

The problem is that /var/run/vshelper is not created when util-vserver is
installed. Neither are /var/run/vservers and /var/run/vservers.rev.

When created manually, my vserver starts with no problems.

But, these directories do not survive a reboot. They are being deleted,
apparently on startup by some process which I've been unable to identify.

Any clue as to what's going on would be welcomed.



os: linux-image-2.6.15-21-686_2.6.15-21.30vs2.0.1+2.0.2rc15_i386.deb
util-vserver: util-vserver_0.30.210-6_i386.deb

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