[Vserver] secure http architecture with vserver howto ?

From: jean-marc pouchoulon <jean-marc.pouchoulon_at_ac-montpellier.fr>
Date: Thu 13 Apr 2006 - 16:10:58 BST
Message-ID: <443E6A02.40104@ac-montpellier.fr>


    I'd like to manage all my web user site ( LAMP base configuration)
in a secure way with vserver.
    One context per user/site could be usefull to limit damage in case
of intrusion. How to compartmentilize , without overburden and
complicated configuration ?
    Have you got any recommendation, link, security tips on that type
of configuration ? use of vunify ?
    What are the usage for isp ?

    thanks in advance for your advice.
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