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Date: Thu 13 Apr 2006 - 15:55:18 BST
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See the previous post regarding crux documentation. If still having
issues, do the following. It will probably help people troubleshoot
your issue.

Download, run and paste output back to list

Run and paste output back to list

So the host is crux (version ??)
So the guest is crux (version ??)


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On Thu, 13 Apr 2006 14:12:09 +0200
Xavier Montagutelli <> wrote:

> does the /usr/var/run/vservers/ directory exists ?
> If no : create it
> If yes : what happens if you try
> "touch /usr/var/run/vservers/vcrux01" before vserver .. start ?

Yes the directory exists.
If I touch this file and start again the vserver: the file is deleted
and Errormessage is the exactly same.

Thanks, but that not solve the problem.
Any other ideas ?

Bye Falk
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