Re: [Vserver] using djbdns (tinydns & dnscache) from within vserver

From: Baltasar Cevc <>
Date: Wed 12 Apr 2006 - 13:28:36 BST
Message-Id: <>

Hi Benedict,

The only problem I had the DJB query tools always failed looking up the
things - however that was no real problem as I just use libc/bind
resolver libraries to access it...

Concerning the caps: I think the given capablilites are more than
enough; I haven't set anything special and it works for me (it's an
older version of vserver, however).
I don't have any quick method to get the get capabilities from their
machine-readable represenation (I'm not familiar with the v* tools) but
if you know how to translate it - this is the information for my
vserver running tinydns:
   max:/proc/virtual/49183# cat status
   UseCnt: 31
   RefCnt: 29
   Flags: 0000000202000010
   BCaps: ffffffffd44c04ff
   CCaps: 0000000000000101
   Ticks: 0

I'd try to test the servers on the local machine (and with disabled
firewall) to see whether they really work, e.g. using Bind's host
utility (host nameserver-ip ||| host dnscache-ip).

Does the network of your vserver work properly (can you ping it, can
you access other services if there are some), and if the DJB-tools are
listening at the right place (netstat -ua in the vserver guest should
give that information).

Hope that gives a starting point,

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