[Vserver] problems shuting down vserver with the same IP of the host

From: Daniel Ortiz <zaterio_at_othernet.cl>
Date: Tue 04 Apr 2006 - 18:01:12 BST
Message-Id: <20060404170117.0F3205B74CA@daffy.hulpsystems.net>



First my host configuration


Debian Sarge


            Uname -a


            Linux debian #1 PREEMPT Thu Mar 2
13:59:25 CLST 2006 i686 GNU/Linux


When i create a vserver (name of vserver = geekzone) with a private IP
( I have no problem whith Start and stop the vserver and the
vserver works fine .


After that I stop the vserver


Vserver geekzone stop


and change the net configuration of the vserver with:


echo "" > /etc/vservers/geekzone/interfaces/0/ip


echo "29" > /etc/vservers/geekzone/interfaces/0/prefix


( is the public IP of the host machine)


When i restart the vserver


Vserver geekzone Start



RTNETLINK answers: File exists

Starting system log daemon: syslogd.

Starting kernel log daemon: klogd.

Starting MTA: exim4.

Starting internet superserver: inetd.

Starting deferred execution scheduler: atd.

Starting periodic command scheduler: cron.



And when i stop the vserver


      vserver geekzone stop


Stopping periodic command scheduler: cron.

Stopping MTA: exim4.

Stopping internet superserver: inetd.

Saving the System Clock time to the Hardware Clock...

hwclock is unable to get I/O port access: the iopl(3) call failed.

Hardware Clock updated to Tue Jan 10 20:43:27 CLST 2006.

Stopping deferred execution scheduler: atd.

Stopping kernel log daemon: klogd.

Stopping system log daemon: syslogd.

Sending all processes the TERM signal...done.

Sending all processes the KILL signal...done.

Saving random seed...done.

Unmounting remote and non-toplevel virtual filesystems...done.

Deconfiguring network interfaces...done.

Cleaning up ifupdown...done.

Deactivating swap...umount: none: not found

umount: /tmp: must be superuser to umount

Not superuser.


Unmounting local filesystems...umount: none: not found

umount: /tmp: must be superuser to umount

umount: /dev/hdv1: not found

umount: /: not mounted


mount: permission denied

Rebooting... ifdown: shutdown eth0: Permission denied


after that all the system shutdown (vsrever and host), I need to do a
vserver that listen in the same public IP than host but I dont know how i
can resolv this inconvenient.


Any sugestions welcome


Thanks in advance


Daniel Ortiz







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