Re: [Vserver] Logo design

From: Michael S. Zick <>
Date: Fri 20 Jan 2006 - 15:30:49 GMT
Message-Id: <>

On Fri January 20 2006 09:17, Matt Nuzum wrote:
> On 1/19/06, Herbert Poetzl <> wrote:
> > maybe we should try to register it or something
> > like that? anybody who knows about the legal
> > details here (and maybe about the costs?)
> >
> > I'm confident,
> > Herbert
> In the USA (and most western countries, I believe), a creator
> automatically has copyright for original works. It's enough to simply
> say that the mark is copyrighted and all rights are reserved (in most
> cases). If you want to register it as a trademark or service mark then
> there are costs involved.
Correct (in USA at least) for copyrighted materials.

A similar situation (in USA at least) applies to trademarks, including
graphic trademarks.

You may mark it with the single character: (TM) without registration.

You may mark it with the single character: (R) only after registration
is granted.

So while in the design stage, include the "circle TM" in the graphic.

You can decide on the registration question at a later date.

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