Re: [Vserver] VServer logo? [scanned]

From: Herbert Poetzl <>
Date: Tue 10 Jan 2006 - 22:30:39 GMT
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On Tue, Jan 10, 2006 at 09:31:05PM +0100, Guenther Fuchs wrote:
> Hi there,
> on Tuesday, January 10, 2006 at 8:04:50 PM there was posted:
> VW> This seems to become a logo contest... ;)
> Looks like ;-)
> VW> I suggest to start a regular logo competition with a fixed
> VW> submission date for all drafts, ...
> Good idea, and I guess this would bring it up to the best results.
> If Herbert agrees, I (as the "initiator" of this thread, but maybe

go ahead, as long as the logo thing does not add
to my todo list, I'm totally on your side :)

> someone else too?) would also call out a small price in form of Amazon
> (or whatever) credit for the winning three and also a "top 10 logos
> voted by the community hall of fame" page to honor the best 10 logos,
> which also takes them for free download and usage under GPL (or
> whatever appropriate license, IANAL).
> VW> a defined submission process (by email/HTTP upload/etc.)
> For that I would offer a email to maybe myself and put them online on
> the "muh" server, adding a vote script from date of "last entry date"
> up to one week, so there's a clear schedule as well for that.
> VW> rules for a ballot committee (certain persons? an open community
> VW> voting? opoll on the ml?)
> VW> and the aspects to assess, etc..
> I'd suggest a first "community vote" and later a top-10 "committee"
> choosing the top three out of the 10.
> VW> I would recommend a 4-stage process:
> VW>
> VW> 1. Open community poll, every person may elect its 3 favorites and
> VW> gives reasons, why he/she chose those 3 drafts.
> Yes and no to that - I'd rather think a closed poll/voting with
> showing results only upon end of votes will make it easiest to enable
> anonymous votes without easy ceating upon "my logo is not on top"
> results ;-)
> VW> 2. The top 10 logos are published and get in extensive review and
> VW> public opinion, especially also for legal reasons such as
> VW> trademark right or evident similarities with other logos or
> VW> artwork. This should be done by the whole community.
> Okay.
> VW> 3. A chosen committee assesses the top 10 logos in respect to defined,
> VW> weighted common criteria (personal view on layout, symbolism, recall
> VW> value, uniqueness, known possible legal problems, etc.) in consideration
> VW> of the results from stage 2.
> VW> 4. The results of stage 3 are evaluated, if the choice is not clear cut,
> VW> a second open discussion on the top candidates may be initiated and
> VW> results be evaluated by the committee again.
> Not too complicated? I'd rather let "just" the top-3 choice up to the
> "jury" - and would guess a little more who to place into it ;-)
> VW> [5. We have a logo.]
> VW> So the question would only be how to choose the committee and how many
> VW> members it should have. Persons could either be proposed and elected by
> VW> the community or the maintainers pick up persons or you take the hall of
> VW> fame people or whatever you can imagine... ;)
> I would prefer "propsal and election" - and for me it has to be clear,
> that neither of the arts is to be in the jury.

everything in this direction has my full support,
as long as I do not have to spend time on it ...
I'm more than willing to comment on the proposals
but the decision should be done by the community


> --
> regards 'n greez,
> Guenther Fuchs
> (aka "muh" and "powerfox")
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