Re: [Vserver] VServer logo? [scanned]

From: Veit Wahlich <>
Date: Tue 10 Jan 2006 - 19:04:50 GMT
Message-Id: <>

This seems to become a logo contest... ;)

I suggest to start a regular logo competition with a fixed submission
date for all drafts, a defined submission process (by email/HTTP
upload/etc.) so an overview can be created and rules for a ballot
committee (certain persons? an open community voting? opoll on the ml?)
and the aspects to assess, etc..

I would recommend a 4-stage process:

1. Open community poll, every person may elect its 3 favorites and gives
reasons, why he/she chose those 3 drafts.

2. The top 10 logos are published and get in extensive review and public
opinion, especially also for legal reasons such as trademark right or
evident similarities with other logos or artwork. This should be done by
the whole community.

3. A chosen committee assesses the top 10 logos in respect to defined,
weighted common criteria (personal view on layout, symbolism, recall
value, uniqueness, known possible legal problems, etc.) in consideration
of the results from stage 2.

4. The results of stage 3 are evaluated, if the choice is not clear cut,
a second open discussion on the top candidates may be initiated and
results be evaluated by the committee again.

[5. We have a logo.]

So the question would only be how to choose the committee and how many
members it should have. Persons could either be proposed and elected by
the community or the maintainers pick up persons or you take the hall of
fame people or whatever you can imagine... ;)

// Veit

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