Re: [Vserver] mountpoint blocked even with all context shutdown

From: Oliver Welter <>
Date: Mon 09 Jan 2006 - 09:59:12 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Hi Grzegorz

>>It might be a problem that the mount inside the namespavce is not
>>cleanly freed when the startup/shutdown of the guest fails/hangs
>>somewhere, but this is only a wild guess :(
> If you stop your guest in an unclean way (e.g. vwait times out), the
> namespace stays there (or at least it used to be when I was playing
> with them). You can clear it with vnamespace -c <xid> but do check the
> syntax so that you don't wipe your root namespace :)

vnamespace --help
     --cleanup|-c ... remove all mounts from the namespace of the
                            current context

So it does not take a XID as arguement...

vnamespace -e <xid> with statically asigend xid of the formerly used
namespace die's with "vnamespace: vc_enter_namespace(): No such process"

Any other ideas ?
Is there a way to list namespaces known to the kernel and "kill" them ?


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