Re: [Vserver] mountpoint blocked even with all context shutdown

From: Oliver Welter <>
Date: Mon 09 Jan 2006 - 08:49:07 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Hi Herbert,
Hi Christian,

> you have to start 'thinking' in namespaces and avoid leftovers
> and unwanted 'copies' or duplicate mounts ...

I do !!
But as mentioned in my OP
1) The mount is done inside the namespace of the guest - it is not
visible outside in the root and is not copied into later started
servers. At least I can confirm this with issuing "mount" inside the
guest (vserver www1 enter and then >mount) inside the namespace
(vnamespace -e www1 mount)
Neither one shows the mount !

2) I shutdown ALL virtual servers, so I assume that all namespaces are
destroyed. At least vserver-stat does not show anything beside the root
server and "vps ax" does not show any process running with another ID
than "main"...

So, I see two possible approaches on the probleme:
1) drbd keeps its own "mount" table that is not freed correctly
2) the kernel blocks mounts from a not longer active namespace

I dont have any idea how to debug, and to make it even harder, the
problem shows not on all mounts/guest, which are basically configured
all identical.
It might be a problem that the mount inside the namespavce is not
cleanly freed when the startup/shutdown of the guest fails/hangs
somewhere, but this is only a wild guess :(


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