[Vserver] network config with VLANs

From: Oliver Welter <mail_at_oliwel.de>
Date: Fri 06 Jan 2006 - 12:38:55 GMT
Message-ID: <43BE64DF.5010300@oliwel.de>

Hi Folks,

I have some problems with "vlans" and vservers..

I have a box that has one physical Interface that hosts two VLANs, both
are official Addresses and reachable from the Internet.
The main host hast conectivity on both networks .

1) What should I but in "interfaces/0/dev" ? eth0 or vlan1 fails, I get
a message:
creation of VLAN_PLUS_VID_NO_PAD devices is not supported; please
create them before starting the vserver and use the 'nodev' flag then

When I put "nodev" in the "dev" file I get a warning - I put an empty
file "nodev" in the interface directory - seems to work, is this correct?

2) I have a problem with routing - if the vserver guest has only
addresses in one of the networks, I cannot ping across the networks
because the hosts routing table show up in the guest, but the devices
shonw there for routing dont exists. I am fiddling around with iptables
and got some aspects to work, but not all....is there another trick ?

I run everyting on gentoo with up to date tools
Kernel: 2.6.14-vs2.0.1-gentoo
VS-API: 0x00020001
util-vserver: 0.30.209; Jan 2 2006, 22:49:56


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