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From: Vaughn Skinner (vaughn_at_solarword.net)
Date: Sat 24 Sep 2005 - 06:32:23 BST

Did you look at lsattr or fuser output for the file?


On Friday 23 September 2005 20:25, Chuck wrote:
> ok i am firmly convinced never to touch cpan in guests. ever.
> it not only blows up every time as mentioned in earlier messages but it
> then proceeds to leave a file in the root directory of the guest that is
> unremovably linked to /sys.
> i spent hours searching google and the gentoo support forums on the cpan
> error about terminal not supporting addhistory.. tons of entries and not
> one solution. so the heck with it. any additions to cpan will be done
> manually via packages.
> when i try to remove the file cpan leaves when it exits with the no history
> support, it says it is a directory.. here is the ls on it
> -rw-r--r-- 2 root root 23 Sep 23 20:40 sys$command
> looks like a normal file to me..
> so since this is experimental, i used rmdir on it.
> /sys vanished and it stayed in the directory listing. dang thing is
> permanent. operations on this file give no unexpected error messages but
> everything i do to that file affects only /sys
> since im the only one to ever see the guests in this machine, im leaving it
> alone unless it will present some kind of problem later on.
> i dont need it for this machine, but i must solve this cpan problem for the
> next machine as there will be guests run by other admins that are cpan and
> perl crazy. i think their breakfast bowls have perl /cpan logos on them!
> before i tackle cpan though i must study iproute2 and get the 3rd nic to
> work on a 3rd network in this machine (tomorrow i hope).
> Bertl hinted possibly something wrong in the paths configurations so when i
> go to cpan debugging readline is the first place im looking for that line
> number and go from there.
> Hollow if you are reading this, with the stage3-latest on your site, do you
> have any perl cpan problems? remember i only use remote terminals via ssh
> into the machines.
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