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From: Benedikt Boehm (hollow_at_gentoo.org)
Date: Mon 05 Sep 2005 - 23:55:31 BST

On Tuesday 06 September 2005 00:27, Christian Aichinger wrote:
> util-vserver should be known well enough, libvserver is a project
> started by Benedikt Boehm in the time when Enrico was away. It
> provides an interface to the vserver-patched kernel.
> Homepage of libvserver:
> http://dev.croup.de/proj/libvserver/wiki
> Libvserver provides a shared object, libvserver.so.1, while
> util-vserver provides libvserver.so.0. Those two file have different
> origins, don't share code and have different APIs.
> We first hit a problem with the libvserver Debian package
> (unofficial, provided by Balint Laszlo Biller), which was not
> installable in parallel with the util-vserver package (the official
> one), since they both contained a libvserver.so symlink to the
> actual library (also in the same directories).
> So on the one hand libvserver somehow invades util-vserver's
> namespace, since clearly util-vserver's libvserver.so was there
> first. OTOH util-vserver's library isn't actually used by anything
> else then util-vserver AFAICS, so it could probably live in
> /usr/lib/util-vserver.
> I think this would be a nice and clean solution.
> Another option would be to drop libvserver.so (only the symlink, not
> the library itself) from the util-vserver .deb. The plain .so
> should only be used for building software against the library
> anyway, and since there is no such software AFAIK, it's useless.
> It stays the problem that there would be 2 libs in /usr/lib with the
> same name, different so-versions, but with different origin and
> authors. I don't think this as such a nice situation in the long
> run, because I think ther will be more of the problems we already
> have. Eg. what happens if Enrico descides (for whatever strange
> reason, since there are no users of the library) to increase the
> so-version..
> Yet another thing would be to rename libvserver, I but I guess
> Benedikt wouldn't be too glad about this.

i'm not against it if someone has a _better_ name ;)

> What are your opinions on this?
> Cheers,
> Christian 'Greek0' Aichinger
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