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From: Christian Aichinger (Greek0_at_gmx.net)
Date: Mon 05 Sep 2005 - 23:27:10 BST

util-vserver should be known well enough, libvserver is a project
started by Benedikt Boehm in the time when Enrico was away. It
provides an interface to the vserver-patched kernel.

Homepage of libvserver:

Libvserver provides a shared object, libvserver.so.1, while
util-vserver provides libvserver.so.0. Those two file have different
origins, don't share code and have different APIs.

We first hit a problem with the libvserver Debian package
(unofficial, provided by Balint Laszlo Biller), which was not
installable in parallel with the util-vserver package (the official
one), since they both contained a libvserver.so symlink to the
actual library (also in the same directories).

So on the one hand libvserver somehow invades util-vserver's
namespace, since clearly util-vserver's libvserver.so was there
first. OTOH util-vserver's library isn't actually used by anything
else then util-vserver AFAICS, so it could probably live in

I think this would be a nice and clean solution.

Another option would be to drop libvserver.so (only the symlink, not
the library itself) from the util-vserver .deb. The plain .so
should only be used for building software against the library
anyway, and since there is no such software AFAIK, it's useless.

It stays the problem that there would be 2 libs in /usr/lib with the
same name, different so-versions, but with different origin and
authors. I don't think this as such a nice situation in the long
run, because I think ther will be more of the problems we already
have. Eg. what happens if Enrico descides (for whatever strange
reason, since there are no users of the library) to increase the

Yet another thing would be to rename libvserver, I but I guess
Benedikt wouldn't be too glad about this.

What are your opinions on this?

Christian 'Greek0' Aichinger

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