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From: Gilles (gilles_at_harfang.homelinux.org)
Date: Sun 14 Aug 2005 - 21:28:01 BST


> > But first I want to know, if this is common =good) practice. Or should I
> > rather tinker with bridge and tun devices? The mailing list shows many
> > things possible (vlan, bridge, dummy), but I can't see, what the best
> > practices are.
> >
> > If I can gather all th information needed, the I am willing to write
> > some doku in the wiki at linux-vserver.org :-)
> >
> Dirk,
> If you feel capable and have the time, I suspect many would enjoy reading a
> mini "how to" explaining the set up of a virtual LAN like you're doing.
> It seems like the subject comes up often enough for it to be a useful
> reference.

I was the one who recently bugged Herbert about this kind of setup.
I had promised I would write a summary of Herbert's tips [other things
came up and I had to delay ;-/ ], so I could help with a section or two
(but not next week).
Nevertheless, I should point that I have the impression that trying to
mimic a DMZ network and an internal network through multiple vservers
inside a single host doesn't give more security that just having all the
vservers on the same net as the host; the impression coming mainly from
Herbert's persistently calling this a "funny" scenario.
It seems that "ngnet" might be what we are actually looking for...

Best regards,
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