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From: Dragan Veljkovic (veljad_at_verat.net)
Date: Mon 30 May 2005 - 04:07:20 BST

Please help me to migrate from single box to multi virtual machine on same
 I have one box a Dual Xeon 2.4Ghz, 3Gb DDR ECC ram; under windows-hardware
RAID 1 of 180 Gb (2x180HDD) and additional 2x180 Hdd Free - separate 2
Hdd -. Box is Under RadHat white box enterprise; Ensim 4.01 and Modernbill.

Q=Can I sale VPS's on RAID1 (2x180Gb Free HDD) with current DDR RAM?

1.Q) Can my sys admin remote migrate from single box to multi box-multi VPS,
like that current installation OS, Ensim and Modernbill move to VPS on
2x180Gb HDD - for selling shared hosting (on 180Gb HDD Free) and Reseller
(on second 180Gb HDD Free) (will be reserve some VPS - from 180Gb HDD - of
40Gb for MySQL DB for reseller hosting; Is it enough?). Additional RAID1 HDD
of 2x180Gb Free HDD will be for VPS's? Under RAID1 mirror HDD; HALF RAID
will be work like backup? Is it possible for backup like that?
2.Q) If I cant do migrate like that remote, what my sys admin must to do
local, so like that be able some Sys admin to finish virtualization remote?
3.) Can you give me URL for latest stable VPS Cp software

Dragan Veljkovic Mr.
www.reliable-server.com Under Construction

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