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From: Thomas Gelf (vserver_at_gelf.net)
Date: Wed 20 Oct 2004 - 09:32:47 BST

> In numbers, this means I will have to synchronize 90 Gigs of Maildata
> and another 16 Gigs of vserver data (using SuSE, vunify was not an
> option) over a direct 1GB link between the two machines.
> I already copied the maildata, and it took just a few hours.
> Anyone have some pointers what I should look at that can make keeping
> all this data synchronous easy?
> I am now looking into rsync, but I had problems in the past with it not
> being able to handle really large amounts of data.
> Might be the new version has got this issue fixed.

rsync is great, on fileservers with some hundred gbytes we didn't
have any problem. if your 90 gigs of maildata are stored in maildirs
it should also be very fast.

on hosting servers we are using a mix of rsync (for webs and maildirs)
and mysql's native replication mechanism for mysql databases. we tested
some filesystems like drbd & co - but there was nothing that really
made us happy. running rsync daily or more times a day is rock-solid
and didn't cause any problems.

rsync may inform you that some files have been deleted while sync (mails
deleted by users in the meantime) - but that's no problem, it goes on
and finishes his job. if you are using big mboxes instead of maildirs
I would consider to switch to maildirs. if you can't do so rsync should
also do the job, but I don't know how locking is handled - this could
cause problems.

thomas gelf

Thomas Gelf <vserver_at_gelf.net>

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