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From: Warren Togami (warren_at_togami.com)
Date: Tue 10 Aug 2004 - 10:48:26 BST

Herbert Poetzl wrote:
>>>>>Can you please do something about the spam on the list?
>>>On the serious side, i find it a problem as well.
>><can-of-worms> ...or only allow posting from subscribers </>
> won't really help with the number of viruses and
> M$ machines (MUAs) lingering around even among
> the linux-vserver community ...
> or do you prefere to receive trusted 'Out of office',
> 'Code Red' or whatever spam from actual ml subscribers?

This is not a valid argument, because the list already would accept the
above mentioned type of mail. Allowing posts only from subscribers cuts
out 99.9% spam instantly, while manual moderation done by volunteers can
take care of the rest of non-subscribed posts.

If I were to run this mailing list, I would use:

* Subscriber only posting.
* spamassassin (with auto-whitelisting and bayesian) to filter
subscriber posts into the mailman moderation queue.
* Antivirus to drop virus mail instantly.
* A few volunteers with list moderator passwords to take care of
non-subscriber and spamassassin flagged posts.

I can make this happen fairly quickly if the leadership agrees to
repoint the list.linux-vserver.org address to my mail server.

Warren Togami
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