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From: Alberto Cammozzo (mmzz_at_stat.unipd.it)
Date: Tue 03 Aug 2004 - 17:05:31 BST

On Tue, Aug 03, 2004 at 09:34:33AM -0600, Lucas Albers wrote:
> Thanks, this is exactly what I am looking for.
> I will try and translate it to english.

        Feel free to tell me if you have trouble with translation.

> I understand all the configuration files, so it is useful.
> Do you have more then one vserver active on the same host server at a time?

        No, only one, quite heavily loaded for testing purposes. But I believe
        this should not be so relevant for heartbeat, for which
        "/etc/init.d/vserver" is the only service to migrate.
        I see a much more interesting solution with the two host servers
        sharing vservers between them: each one taking the vservers hosted
        by the other in case of its failure. This allows to use both host
        servers at time. I think this requires true (both read-write) shared
        storage, which I haven't at the moment.

        I described this in theory in [0]. Sorry, in Italian. I'll translate
        if someone is interested. Perhaps you can look at the figures :)

        I'll try a proof-of-concept perhaps next weeks with opengfs and
        shared firewire external disks.

        Someone has alredy tried something similar? IMHO vservers and
        traditional HA can complement very nicely each other.


[0] http://homes.stat.unipd.it/mmzz/Papers/HaVserver.pdf

Alberto Cammozzo                        V.Cesare Battisti 241/243. PADOVA ITALY
System/Network Manager                  e-mail    : mmzz_at_stat.unipd.it
Universita` di Padova -IT               tel       : +39 49 8274175
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