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From: Shailabh Nagar (nagar_at_watson.ibm.com)
Date: Mon 26 Jul 2004 - 02:39:59 BST

Sam Vilain wrote:
> Shailabh Nagar wrote:
>> - The SELinux folks are interested in creating classes based on the
>> security context of a task and then limiting the resources of the
>> task based on it.
> You could pretty much s/SELinux/Linux VServer/ that comment and it would
> still be valid :-).
> The classification engine for a Linux-VServer.net kernel would be a
> piece of cake, alright. Is there a dummy/skeleton resource classifier
> that I could use as a base?

RBCE, while not a skeleton classifier, should be good enough for your
case. Its integrated into the CKRM patch (available from the main web page).

Hubertus already has a patch for adding support within RBCE for defining
rules using Vserver's xids. We'll add it to our next RBCE update.

>> - Jamal Hadi is interested in investigating the use of CKRM along with
>> vservers to make virtual routers. His requirements, broadly speaking,
>> are : accurate accounting of irqs for routed packets, ability to
>> launch 500-1000 vservers and have them performance isolated from each
>> other. Vivek spoke to Jamal in detail and can list the requirements
>> better. On the whole, it looks like his needs are very similar to that
>> of PlanetLab (one privileged domain used to create others), fault
>> isolation would be nice but not essential etc.
> Oh, dear - how many different meanings of the word "vserver" are there?
> To compound matters, one project is pretty much the logical inverse of
> the other ;-).

I'm pretty sure he meant Linux-VServer (multiple contexts on one OS
image) - not clustering !

-- Shailabh
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