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From: Sam Vilain (sam_at_vilain.net)
Date: Mon 26 Jul 2004 - 00:50:57 BST

Shailabh Nagar wrote:

> - The SELinux folks are interested in creating classes based on the
> security context of a task and then limiting the resources of the
> task based on it.

You could pretty much s/SELinux/Linux VServer/ that comment and it would
still be valid :-).

The classification engine for a Linux-VServer.net kernel would be a
piece of cake, alright. Is there a dummy/skeleton resource classifier
that I could use as a base?

> - Jamal Hadi is interested in investigating the use of CKRM along with
> vservers to make virtual routers. His requirements, broadly speaking,
> are : accurate accounting of irqs for routed packets, ability to
> launch 500-1000 vservers and have them performance isolated from each
> other. Vivek spoke to Jamal in detail and can list the requirements
> better. On the whole, it looks like his needs are very similar to that
> of PlanetLab (one privileged domain used to create others), fault
> isolation would be nice but not essential etc.

Oh, dear - how many different meanings of the word "vserver" are there?
To compound matters, one project is pretty much the logical inverse of
the other ;-).

Hmm, you could cluster some systems with 2.6 vserver, then allocate
seperate UNIX contexts inside via Linux-Vserver.net, managing resources
on the cluster with CKRM. Then all it would need is some kind of
checkpointing mechanism, and you could have transparent Tandem-class
redundant systems on a pile of cheap x86 boxes! :-D

Roll-your-own HA blade-like systems based on low-power, cheap as chips
Mini-ITX boards anyone?

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